An Oasis of Southern Magnificence


Behind the cover, Rockell awaits.

SCORELAND: Rockell, what do your pierced puffies do for you, stimulation-wise?

Rockell: I really like when they’re toyed with. I sense like they’re extra delicate now. Tugging and pulling of the clubs are super-fun as a result of they’re absolutely healed now! I want to switch the clubs out briefly to one thing cool. I really like the thought of my puffies showcasing through a milky T-shirt. They have a tendency to remain fairly exhausting! Earlier than, sans the stimulation, my puffies did not indeed protrude like they do now.

SCORELAND: What did you want in regards to the barbells versus getting nip rings?

Rockell: I truly had the choice once they had been pierced inbetween clubs and rings. For me, it was truthfully my intimate desire. I believe each are attractive however for the therapeutic course of I believed clubs! I am undoubtedly not against some super-cute rings sooner or later.

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